Thailand Approves Extradition to U.S. of Accused Credit Card Hacker

The extradition to the U.S. of a Malaysian man allegedly involved in hacking credit card information has been approved by a Thai court. The man, Gooi Kokseng, is accused of causing massive losses for victims in the U.S. Kokseng will be held in Thailand for the next 30 days in the event that he decides to appeal the ruling.

Kokseng, also known by the alias Delpiero, is alleged to be a member of a crime ring that has caused more than $150 million dollars in losses through hacking aimed at the United States and Southeast Asia. This information comes from a report in the Bangkok Post.

Kokseng was arrested following the filing of a request by U.S. authorities with the Thai Foreign Ministry. Kokseng could be imprisoned for over a year if convicted of the crime, according to another report.

These types of cybercrime cases often span national borders. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, last year they extradited two Romanians to the U.S. on charges tied to a major phishing scam. The U.S. has also cracked down on cyber crimes by having the Federal Bureau of Investigation embed agents with law enforcement authorities in Estonia, Ukraine and the Netherlands. These agents assist those authorities in investigations of international cybercrimes.

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