Poker Player Faces Extradition from England to the U.S.

Marcus Bebb-Jones, who is facing extradition from England to Colorado, has told a judge that life behind bars without the possibility of parole would be a “grossly disproportionate” punishment if Bebb-Jones is convicted in the 1997 murder of his wife.

According to Marcus Bebb-Jones’ counsel such a sentence would be contradictory to English standards of justice, and would fail to take into account the gravity of the crime and the progress made toward rehabilitation.

A decision as to whether or not Bebb-Jones will be extradited to the U.S. to face trial is expected to be announced on April 12. Prosecutors in the U.S. have pledged not to seek the death penalty in an apparent move to speed up the extradition proceedings.

Bebb-Jones along with his now deceased wife were owners of the Hotel Melrose in Grand Junction in 1997. Authorities allege that around that time  Bebb-Jones killed his wife and dumped her body in Dinosaur National Monument. Furthermore, the government alleges that Bebb-Jones charged several thousand dollars to her credit cards in Las Vegas. According to an arrest warrant affidavit, she was reported missing in September 1997.  

A  professional poker player in England, Bebb-Jones was arrested in November 2009 and has remained in custody there without bond. According to extradition law, he has a right of appeal to a higher court in England if the judge orders his return to the United States.

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