Castillo To Be Extradited From Mexico to Minnesota

A ruling has been issued ordering that Juan Humberto Castillo-Alvarez be turned over to Minnesota authorities on charges pertaining to the murder of an individual in June of 1997.

Castillo, who is currently in Mexico, has been fighting the extradition proceedings brought by the State of Minnesota to return him to that state for criminal charges. Castillo is currently charged with aiding and advising murder in the second degree, in addition to aiding and advising kidnapping.

Castillo has been housed in the Clay County Jail in Spencer during the extradition proceedings.

Castillo has argued that Minnesota’s attempt to extradite him was in violation of the extradition treatybetween the United States and Mexico. Authorities in Minnesota have argued that the international extradition treaty did not apply when the issue was extradition between states.

Judge Lester ruled that keeping Castillo in custody for extradition to Minnesota did not violate the international treaty with Mexico.

The extradition treaty between the U.S. and Mexico permits extradition only when the evidence is sufficient, according to the laws of the requested party, either to justify the committal for trial of the person sought if the offense of which he has been accused had been committed in that place, or to prove that he is the person convicted by the courts of the requesting party.

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