Bahamas Cop Faces US Extradition 9 Years After Alleged Sexual Assault

A Bahamas police officer faces possible extradition to the United States for an alleged assault on a Texas college student in 2001.

Nyahuma Anthony Bastian, who was arrested while on duty Friday, is listed by the U.S. Justice Department as one of its 10 most wanted sex offenders.

He was attending the University of North Texas when he allegedly ambushed, beat and raped a female student. A U.S. Marshals wanted poster said he was charged with aggravated sexual assault and fled the country.

An extradition hearing was scheduled for July 28.

At a preliminary hearing Friday, Bastian said he has been an officer of the Royal Bahamas Police Force for eight years. It is not clear what prompted his arrest after so much time, especially since he has not been concealing his whereabouts.

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