‘Barefoot Bandit’ Arrested; Faces Extradition to US

A teenage fugitive who police have called the “Barefoot Bandit” (allegedly committing several crimes while barefoot), was being questioned inside a Bahamian jail Monday as he spent his first full day behind bars after an audacious two-year run from the authorities.

Colton Harris-Moore was being held inside the two-story Central Detective Unit with access to phone calls and visitors from the U.S. Embassy as well as interrogators. Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade said he was being interviewed by investigators but declined to say whether the 19-year-old had made any kind of statement to authorities or what they needed to build any case against him.

Harris-Moore was expected to make his first court appearance Tuesday on suspicion of illegal weapons possession as well as other charges stemming from the week he spent in the Bahamas trying to evade police.

Police captured American teenager before dawn Sunday following a high-speed boat chase off Eleuthera, one of two sparsely populated tourist islands where he allegedly committed a string of burglaries since crash-landing a plane in the Bahamas a week earlier.

The teen is from rural Camano Island, Washington, where he is suspected of stealing cars, boats and at least five airplanes during a run from the law that began with his 2008 escape from a halfway house.

Greenslade said earlier that charges filed in the Bahamas will take priority over those in the U.S., but also noted the two countries have excellent relations and an extradition could happen more quickly than people might expect.

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