Germany Demands Extradition of Islamist Captured by U.S. in Afghanistan

Germany is demanding the extradition of an Islamist from Hamburg, Germany, now being held in a U.S. military base in Afghanistan, federal prosecutors in Karlsruhe said on Saturday.

Germany has already initiated proceedings to extradite the captive to Germany for trial.

Germany’s Federal Justice Ministry is responsible for issuing a formal demand for the U.S. government to hand over the German citizen, Ahmad Siddiqui, who is being held at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan.

Siddiqui has been identified as one of a group of Hamburg-based Islamists who traveled to the Afghan-Pakistani border region in March 2009 to attend militant training camps.

Recent media reports of terrorist plans to attack European cities are thought to be based on information given by Siddiqui during interrogation at Bagram.

The information led countries including the U.S. and Britain to heighten their travel alerts to European capitals including Berlin.

Shortly thereafter, a U.S. drone attack in Pakistan killed eight German Islamists, according to Pakistani officials. The German government reacted cautiously to reports of the killings, last Monday.

A German news magazine has claimed that three of the killed men were known to German officials as acquaintances with several of the suicide bombers who attacked New York on September 11, 2001. They had all frequented a Hamburg mosque that was closed down in August. German officials have not confirmed this report.

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