Israeli Doctor Commits Suicide While U.S. Extradition Pending

An Israeli doctor fighting extradition to the United States on murder charges has committed suicide in a Jerusalem jail, Israeli prison officials said Tuesday.

Apparently, Dr. Eugene Perchikov, who was accused of killing two women in New York, bled to death after cutting himself with a prison-issued razor blade while his cellmates slept on Sunday. A guard inspecting the cell 10 minutes earlier found nothing wrong.

Perchikov, 61, was born in Russia, became a doctor and received an Israeli medical license after immigrating to Israel.

Allegedly, Perchikov was suspected of killing Russian immigrants Larysa Vasserman, 46, in 2002 in Brooklyn and Tatiana Korkhova, 54, in 2004 in Manhattan.

Following an indictment in New York, the U.S. initiated an extradition request with Israeli officials. Perchikov was subsequently arrested and awaiting his extradition hearing at the time of his death.

An Israeli extradition petition listed 10 charges, including two counts of second-degree murder, insurance fraud and auto theft.

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