Colombia Extradites Convicted Drug Trafficker to US; Court Approves Extradition of 2nd Alleged Cartel Member

Colombia’s government extradited a convicted drug trafficker on Tuesday to face trial in the United States, and the country’s highest court ruled a second alleged dealer could be sent to the U.S.

The extradited suspect, 73-year-old Phanor Arizabaleta, is charged with drug trafficking by a court in the U.S. capital. Officials say Arizabaleta was a key figure in the now-defunct Cali cartel.

Arizabaleta previously served several years of a 28-year sentence under house arrest in Colombia due to heart problems. He was arrested again last September.

Later Tuesday, Colombia’s Supreme Court approved the extradition of Ramon Quintero Sanclemente to face money laundering and drug charges in Florida.

Quintero, 52, is alleged to a member of Norte del Valle drug cartel. He was captured in Ecuador in 2010, then sent back to Colombia this month for extradition proceedings on the U.S. charges.

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