Opposed Bid to Extradite Former Official IRA leader Seán Garland to the United States

The Irish Times on July 14, 2011 released the following:

“TDS, SENATORS and councillors from different parties united yesterday to oppose the extradition of veteran republican and former Official IRA leader Seán Garland (76) to the US.

The US is seeking to extradite Mr Garland over allegations that he took part in a counterfeiting operation involving North Korea and the Russian mafia, in which large quantities of counterfeit $100 notes were manufactured.

The High Court in Dublin is to begin hearing the US extradition request against Mr Garland on Monday next. The hearing is expected to take four days.

Chairing a press conference at the Shelbourne Hotel yesterday, Rev Chris Hudson, a Unitarian minister from Belfast, said Mr Garland had been working for peace on the island since 1972, when the Official IRA ceasefire was declared.

Independent TD for Waterford John Halligan said politicians from different parties were “outraged at the attempt to extradite a decent man”, adding that Mr Garland had been virtually “held captive” in his own city of Dublin.

Fianna Fáil Senator Labhrás Ó Murchú said: “One can only imagine the trauma that Seán Garland has been put through. All he ever gave to Ireland was service, in every sense of the word.”

Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris said his party was giving “100 per cent” backing to Mr Garland, adding: “I hope that we will have the support of the Government.”

Other TDs present included Richard Boyd Barrett of the United Left Alliance, Labour’s Joanna Tuffy, Joe Higgins of the Socialist Party, Fianna Fáil’s Timmy Dooley and Independent Finian McGrath.”

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