Mexico and Columbia Negotiate Extradition Treaty

Colombia and Mexico negotiated a new extradition treaty Thursday, which would allow extradition between the two countries for the first time since 1930.

The treaty will be reviewed by both the Mexican and Colombian government and President Juan Manuel Santos is expected to sign the treaty on his next visit to Mexico.

Interior Minister German Lleras said that the treaty would be signed this August.

Lleras also announced that the two governments had negotiated a treaty that would allow the transfer of sentenced criminals, permitting sentenced citizens to serve jail time in their own countries. Previously such an exchange was only possible for humanitarian reasons under the Vienna Convention of 1988.

The two nations also negotiated an agreement to assist each other in law enforcement and prosecution. The two nations have already requested from each other assistance in prosecuting more than 200 cases, the majority of them drug charges.

Finally Colombia and Mexico also ironed out an agreement that would allow for more police officers to be sent between the two nations to provide training on how to combat crime and terrorism.

“These trainings focus on topics of investigation, the adversarial criminal justice system, combating money laundering, drug control, security and protection, criminology, extortion and kidnapping, jungle operation, intelligence and counter-intelligence, and telematics and electronics,” said Lleras.

This article was written by Matt Snyder and published by the Columbian Reports on Friday, July 22, 2011.

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