Colombia to Extradite 5 Men for Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering

The Colombian government will extradite five Colombian citizens to the U.S and Spain to face trial for drug trafficking and money laundering.

Anti-drugs police captured Heder Augusto Sarria Martinez, alias “Niño Malo” in May this year.

Sarria allegedly ran drug trafficking operations in Cali and the department of Norte del Valle on behalf of “Los Comba” brothers from the “Rastrojos” gang.

He will be extradited to the US on drug charges, while in Colombia he was also accused of forcing people of their land, extortion, aggravated assault, use of false documents and weapons offences.

George Richard Baquero Estrada is wanted by the New York district court for drug trafficking and extortion.

Following his arrest in Medellin in January, authorities accused Baquero, alias “El Pollo,” of managing the finances of the Rastrojos.

Adolfo Erazo Rosero, alias “Chigüiro”, was arrested in May in a joint operation between Colombian Prosecutors and the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Authorities accuse him of smuggling drug profits from the U.S through Mexico and Central America and into Colombia for laundering.

Luis Eduardo Pinzón Mahecha will be extradited to Puerto Rico to face trial on drug and money laundering charges. He was arrested in February this year for allegedly running a money laundering operation for the now defunct Norte del Valle cartel.

DAS officers captured Jose Alexander Zapata Osorio in the city of Armenia in central Colombia.

In 2007, Spanish courts tried Zapata in his absence, sentencing him to six years for smuggling several shipments of cocaine into the country.

This article was written by James Bargent and published by the Colombia Reports on Monday, 03 October 2011.

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