Police seek Kramer extradition from US

The Australian Jewish News on April 4, 2012 released the following:

“CONVICTED child sex offender David Kramer could be back in Australia as soon as next month, with police understood to be preparing to charge and subsequently extradite the former Yeshivah College teacher from the United States.

Kramer was spirited away by Yeshivah after accusations of child molestation surfaced in 1993. In 2008, Kramer was sentenced to seven years jail in St Louis, Missouri, after sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy. He became eligible for parole late last year.

A spokesperson for police media said that “no charges have been laid” but that the “investigation is ongoing”, adding “we can’t comment any –further”.

According to a parent whose child attended Yeshivah College in 1993, the school initially refused to fire Kramer, but relented after a group of parents threatened to go to the police over the matter.

“They were refusing steadfastly to fire the guy,” the parent told The AJN.

“The meeting was called so that we would take an en-masse decision to go to police. There was no meeting in the end. They didn’t want us to go to the police.”

Kramer was sent to Israel at the school’s expense soon after.

The parent said recent tactics of intimidation and public humiliation had been levelled at those who came forward and their families.

“There’s a climate of fear and people aren’t talking. Eight women got up and walked out during a Sabbath drasha because the rabbi was frothing at the mouth attacking [a parent of one of the victims].”

Manny Waks, who alleges he was a victim of abuse at Yeshivah College, told The AJN that his former school would be held “to full account”.

“Yeshivah’s complicity in these –sexual crimes against so many children by numerous perpetrators is becoming increasingly clear,” Waks said. “Many of the former victims are looking forward to fully exposing this immoral behaviour by an apparently religious institution and bringing them to full account.”

David Cyprys, a former security guard at the college, is facing 51 charges relating to the alleged abuse of 11 victims. He will appear in court again next month. The AJN understands he is one of up to six people linked to the school who have been or are currently being investigated for child abuse.



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